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Top 10 Motion Project Tutorials

If you’ve mastered the basics of Motion, time to get cracking on some practical projects. Some of these start and finish in Motion, while others produce generators or effects for use in Final Cut Pro X. All these tutorials explore different features, and so...


Top 10 Introductory Motion Tutorials

Top 10 Introductory Motion Tutorials Motion is a staggeringly good app. For US$50, you get not just a world-class real-time 3D animation tool, but the best way on the planet to create your own free effects, transitions, titles and more for Final Cut Pro X. ...


Top 10 Free Glow and Particle Effects in FCP X

All kinds of productions could do with a little sparkle, and these 9 effects and 1 title are a great way to add it. Most of these are heavily configurable, so you can easily move from a subtle soft glow to a crazed disco party with just a few clicks. If you...


Top 10 Free Advanced FCP X Tutorials

If you feel that you have the basics under control, and several more complex techniques are well within your grasp too, then it’s time to take a look at what the most advanced professionals are doing to stretch the envelope. Final Cut Pro X is certainly acc...


Top 10 Free Intermediate FCP X Tutorials

As an Apple Certified Trainer for Final Cut Pro X, I often come across students who’ve taught themselves — and that’s great. However, often they’ve simply tried something, saw that it roughly worked, and then kept doing it. However, not all the strategies t...


Top 10 Free Introductory Video Tutorials for FCP X

If you start out editing in Final Cut Pro X, you may actually have an easier time than if you learned to edit with another application first. While the basics of editing — picking the parts you want and putting them in the right order — are fundamentally th...


Top 10 Free iOS Apps for filmmaking and post production

Whether you’re on set and only have your phone, or you’re at your desk with your Mac and your iPad, there are many great iOS apps to help with filmmaking. Here are ten great ways to make a shoot run smoothly, to let you capture video in a new way, or help y...


Top 10 Free Mac Apps for FCP X Editors

Top 10 Free Apps for FCP X Editors Final Cut Pro X allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to plug-ins, but sometimes you need to perform a task outside the app. When that time comes, there’s a wide range of support apps available, letting you tes...