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Best Of: Command Post (April 2018 update)

Last year, I wrote an article here about Command Post, the free tool (once known as FCP X Hacks) which enhances Final Cut Pro X in many ways. Development continues at a crazy pace, and many new features have now been added. The latest update, being shown of...


Best Of: Final Cut Library Manager

When you’ve finished with a job, you should archive its library so that you can revisit the job in the future, if you or the client need to revise anything. And if you offload old libraries to external hard drives (at least two drives for safety, right?) th...


Top 10: Social Media Tools

In this ever-more “social” world, it’s likely you’ve already been asked to produce something for Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many other ways in which we share our lives. While FCP X is pretty good at this — quick exports and custom frame sizes certainl...


Top 10: Background Generators

If you want to open with a title, but don’t want a blank background or video behind it, some kind of synthetic background is just what you need. There are plenty of great generators built in to FCP X, but if you want something a little less common, look no ...


Top 10: Final Cut Pro Audio Tutorials

As viewers, we are far less forgiving of bad audio than we are of bad images. And even with good microphones, good recorders, good voice talent and good technique, you’ll need to know plenty about audio in FCP X to do a good job. Here are ten ways to help y...


Top 5: Compressor Tutorials

FCP X can output to a variety of compressed formats in the H.264 codec, but if you need finer control over data rates or codecs, Compressor is a great app to look at next. It’s integrated with Final Cut Pro, so you can export directly to your choice of Comp...


Top 10 Uses for SliceX Free

Something a little different today — we’re going to look at ten different ways to use a single product. It’s still free, but there are definitely more tricks to it than meets the eye. It’s CoreMelt’s SliceX Free, and you get it by going to this page and fil...


Another Top 10 Amazing Free Transitions

Another Top 10 Amazing Free Transitions Didn’t get enough transitions in our last top ten roundup? Here’s a bunch more you can use to punch up a boring presentation, disguise a forced edit, or create that perfect segue from scene A to scene B. There’s actu...