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Top 10: Best of 2016

It’s been a great year for Final Cut Pro: a new release heavy with professional features, and a bumper crop of great new titles, tutorials, effects, plug-ins and more from the outstanding and generous FCP X community. Of all the free tools we’ve highlighted...


Top 10 Free Introductory Color Correction Tutorials for FCP X

Color correcting the shots in your edit to form a cohesive whole is a vital skill in today’s post-production workflow. Lighting can change from shot to shot, especially if you’re relying on the great ball of light in the sky. Even in a more controlled envir...


Best Of: Filmmaking Simple Tutorials

In my own professional video work, clients don’t usually ask for teleportation, to look like a ghost, or fire an energy ball from their hands. Despite the absence of obvious visual effects from corporate and educational pieces, those things are still fun. I...


No Way! FCPXFree now has over 1000 Free Resources for FCP X listed

What an amazing achievment, now lists over 1000 free resources for FCP X, tutorials, plugins, templates, transitions and more.  All curated and categorised to make it dead easy to find what you want.  Want to find a tutorial on roles in FCP X a...


Top 10 Motion Project Tutorials

If you’ve mastered the basics of Motion, time to get cracking on some practical projects. Some of these start and finish in Motion, while others produce generators or effects for use in Final Cut Pro X. All these tutorials explore different features, and so...


Top 10 Introductory Motion Tutorials

Motion is a staggeringly good app. For US$50, you get not just a world-class real-time 3D animation tool, but the best way on the planet to create your own free effects, transitions, titles and more for Final Cut Pro X. If you’ve only ever used After Effect...


Top 10 Free Glow and Particle Effects in FCP X

All kinds of productions could do with a little sparkle, and these 9 effects and 1 title are a great way to add it. Most of these are heavily configurable, so you can easily move from a subtle soft glow to a crazed disco party with just a few clicks. If you...


Top 10 Free Advanced FCP X Tutorials

If you feel that you have the basics under control, and several more complex techniques are well within your grasp too, then it’s time to take a look at what the most advanced professionals are doing to stretch the envelope. Final Cut Pro X is certainly acc...