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Volumetric Title (powered by Simon Ubsdell)

Karsten Schluter

This product is available for direct download using add to downloads

First of all:
this is NOT signed nor made by Simon! Just kudos to this Motion expert and transforming a project of him into a FCPX Generator.

All I have done is a) slavishly following his advice, aside my title isn’t rotated by -10° (by changing the cam angle, a sweep results in a crooked look) ….

b) I published a few parameters, some rigged for convenience

In detail:

DL, unzip and install this plug-in in GENERATORS (not titles)
In FCPX it should look like this:

Write your word/title into the text box
You can select font type and size
You can vary the floor colour. 

You can rotate the headlight (pointing at …) and its brightness.

And you can adjust the cameras highth
Finally set start/end of a nice camera sweep, or - set both to 0° - no movement at all …. aside some ‚caustics’ in the beams.

Tried to name everything inside the plugin in English, if you like to modify it.

And, my deepest respect & kudos to Simon - your tutorials and products are awesome!