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Karsten Schluter

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It’s that time of the year with new phones, new videos and tons of Vertical Video Syndrome!

To fix that, I built me the ks_VVFixer; download the zip and install it in your Movies/iMotion Templates/Effects folder…

To make the effect work in FCPX, you HAVE to make your clip a Compound clip! So, add your clip(s) to timeline, select it, hit alt-G.

Now, you’re ready to go: drag VVFixer from the Effects Browser onto your clip. You instantly get the preset.

In the Inspector, you see various settings, which are partly self-explanatory.
Zoom is set to fill the frame, but you can zoom any further
Position allows to move the bg on x- and y-axis
Stretching has no effect until you check the stretch-box - it then sizes the x-axis only


b+w gives the bg a darker or brighter tone

blur finally does what it says, its preset is 30%, but you can set it to 0, due to magnification/squeezing the pic quality doesn’t get really better.