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SCRBBL / a text generator for crossword experts

Karsten Schluter

This product is available for direct download using add to downloads

The video shows its manyfold sliders: you have to do of adjustment by hand, sorry! Work from top to bottom:
  • horizontal or vertical?
  • how many stones (2-14)
  • where on the board?
  • kerning - make the letters fit per stone (Arial Narrow, which comes close to original, isn’t monospaced…)
  • adjust x/y on stones
  • board - if you like to stack several lines, the upper ones need to be ‚uncheck board‘

The board is on a transparent background, so you can put any content behind it ....

The rest is advanced settings:
you can create any cameraangle, zoom in (or out), and finally play with Depth-of-Field

DoF is it, btw, which makes SCRBBL a bit un-snappy, at last on my MacMini… all the blur asks for somecomputations …

Feel free to modify to your needs, or esp. to improve its usability (any 3D experts are very welcome )

have fun movie making!