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Scoreboard (American Football) Generator

Karsten Schluter

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Hi everybody,

what a surprise this morning:

two of my plug-ins made it on the front-page of FCP.Co .... THANK YOU, Peter, me glad & happy!

My handmade plug-ins are very soccer-centered. So, as a Dankeschön to all US readers, I made a SCOREBOARD Generator:

(hopefully, it's correct - I have no clue of your kind of 'football' ....)

In FCPX' inspector, the generator lists all 'fields', you need to number the scores.

A few 'specials' are:

  • a 'we/them' switch, meant for who has actually the pill

  • a switchable drop-shadow

  • and a 'sec' slider: No, the Time doesn't display the actual Game-time, all fake: you have to type the actual minute by hand, and the seconds run from 0-59... to give a more 'random' look, you can set manually a starting-value ...

Finally.... there's a Rotation dial! And it's keyframable, so you can let the scofreboard rotate in all grace....


On the backside of the scoreboard, you can apply team-logos! Just drag your logo (best practice: 500x500pix, png, there's a slider to resize) and from the other team ... nice, hm?

I adopted the design from finds in the internet, to 'squeeze' fonts (as in 'Visitor') is not my idea!!! Hope, I hit the 'football-look'

The font I used is 'capture it', you find at

Feel free to customize for your needs!