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Karsten Schluter

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From the football ( the game you play with your feet, not carrying the ball in your hands) corner, a simple effect: The Magnifier

Install it in your Effects collection.
Drop it on a clip to magnify a scene.
Three controls: Size, X-axis, Y-axis.

Sorry, no OSC, 'cause you can not keyframe them (I was told …).
The tricky part: the snippet in the glass has to move to opposite directions, otherwise, you can not magnify the whole frame... When you open it in Motion, you see what I mean.  :)

New Features

  • On Screen Controls
  • Switchable drop-shadow
  • selectable magnification
  • you can magnify all across the frame
  • key-frameable
  • Three 'forms' to choose from: Circle, Loupe and Rectangle
  • You can switch-on/off a drop-shadow
  • You can set magnification
  • and finally, you can set key-frames, in case you want to animate the magnifier


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