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Ken Turns Efffect

Karsten Schluter

This product is available for direct download using add to downloads

Since its introduction, 'Ken Burns' lacks the option to rotate the picture - so, I made me this lil' effect with some easy controls (no sorry, no OnScreen Rectangles - that's beyond my skills). 

There're two options:
• start with the original size and zoom IN to a max. of 200%
or vice versa
• start with a max. of 200% and zoom OUT back to original size

The angle defines the rotation.

Speed is, as the original, defined by length of applied clip.

When the pic is rotated and NOT magnified, you’d have 'holes' in two corners - when ‚background‘ is checked, you can select a color; uncheck ‚background‘ and the holes get transparent and you can apply any other background ‚under‘ the clip.

Feel free to customize this effect, post your improvements here

Enjoy Movie Making!