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High Key effect

Karsten Schluter

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Lately, a friend, enthusiastic hobbyist like me, but for photography, asked me “Can you use Photoshop filters or actions in video too?”

hm, well, technically, not really, but…

His latest faible is “High Key” … you’ve seen those pics, a pale person in a white room…
When you search for ‘High Key’ you get offered hundreds of tutorials, demoing all the same technique! Me too lazy to research who should be honored as ‘inventor’, it’s build three layers of your original pic, apply diff. filters and compositing settings, done.

Time to launch Motion, and what a suprise, you can re-enact that effect.
I added/published three sliders: the first ‘Saturation’ sets, to your surprise, the <cough> saturation. I’ve limited the rig, ‘cause you come soon in an ugly terrain… very psychedlic colors.

The two other sliders could be called Paleness and Brightness, haven’t found a better word - just try it!

‘Cause my friend is shy to publish his work (or anything) on the internet, I thought Mrs Ahrendts (such a German name! Roots?) gives a good motif; the ‘Original’ is not the real original, I brighten the background, to give some impression of “High Key”.

And: you come soon in >120% luma,clippish super-white;use the applied ‘Broadcast Save’-filter, set your standards and use the mix-slider and the Scopes, please.

Aaand, finally, I added a Tint, color is your choice…. HighKey plus color… I like this combo.

Fell free to use and improve my plug-in, post here your suggestions/enhancements.

Oh, a few of you will ask….
A plug-in NOT demoed with football? Who are you, and what happend to Karsten??!

Believe it or not; sometimes I record other things than just soccer…