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GeekCo Role-O-Matic 3


This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

This little app allows you to batch apply common Roles and SubRoles on any number of A/V and Audio-Only clips, even if they have different channel configurations, all at once. If you have 6 reels of a DME split feature, tons of dailies or location audio, you can now set the roles on all channels in all the clips at once. It also names the audio components to match your roles and subroles, so you can see what they are in the Inspector and Timeline.


Put all the clips in an Event, Export fcpxml, run it through Role-O-Matic, and reimport. If you don’t understand why you would need this, don’t download it! If you do understand why it’s useful, I think you’ll like it.

More info and download: