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Photo Album Generator example (Version 2.0)

Robert Jan

This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

In a FCPX timeline, add a gap clip to the timeline by pressing Opt-W.
Select the Photo Album generator from the Generators Browser and add it as a connected clip above the Gap clip by pressing Q.
Use one generator per photo.
Stack multiple generators on top of each other when you want more than one photo on a page. Every stack of generators represent a single page in the album.
Use the Photo Crop X and Y sliders to make the photos smaller. This will make room for the other photos you wish to add on the same page. You can use the on screen control to move and rotate the photo.
You can add a photo or a video to the drop zone by clicking on the drop zone in the inspector. Then click on a still or a videoclip you want to add and click apply (underneath the viewer).
Use the "Source Scale", "Source Position" and "Source Rotation" controls to frame your photo or video clip.
Set the "Animation Type" in the inspector to the appropriate type. This will composite the stacked generators to a single page.
You can adjust the duration of the (stack) of generators to the desired length.
For the next page in the album add another generator (or another stack) and butt it up against the previous one(s).
Select them in the timeline and press -200 to move them 2 seconds earlier and under the bottom-most previous generator.
Set the "Animation Type " of the topmost generator for this second page to "Top in Stack for Multiple Photos" when you are making a second multi-photo page or to "Single Photo Page" if it is just a single page with one photo.
Use the "Text Position" controls to place the text as desired.
You can choose in "Source Style" for 3 types of B&W or Color. The next 3 controls allow for some basic levels adjustments. The rest of the controls is self-explanatory. 

In order to install, you first have to download and install the Spherico Motion Template Tool.
You can find it here:

When that is done you can download the Photo Album Generator distributable here: