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DA Pt. 30 - Sound Effects Library

Dan Allen

This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

FCPX Training Series - In this HD Voice tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro 10 we learn about the Final Cut Pro Sound Effects Library which is available under the meny 'Final Cut Pro' - 'Download Additional Content' - We can then access it via the audio library, by either searching or using the sub-folders, then simply dragging and dropping into the timeline / storyline ADDITIONAL NOTE: be sure to turn off 'Copy imported files to FCPX Event' by right clicking in the event library and unchecking it from the 'import' dialogue. We also learn how to effectively mix the files from the Audio / Sound FX library (which is free to download and valid for commercial use) so that the sounds become realistically embedded into the project.

Link to tutorial