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DA Media Management using Disk Images

Dan Allen

This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

FCPX Advanced Tutorial. in this hD Voice Tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro 10, we learn some princiciples and problems of media management and using final cuts open events and project system which shows us all the events we have. This enables us to use media from other events regardless of the project you are wokrign with, but what if we don't want people to see the projects and events. How do we hide and easily manage the projects. well it is solved by using disc images / disk images in Disk Utilities. We learn how to create a sparse dmg mountable disc / disk HDD hard drive that is easily accessible and movable and copyable so you can easily share the project with other peopel working on edits or visual effects or sound etc. this also allows us to hide projects and events.

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