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DA Creating a Muzzle Flash [Part 1]

Dan Allen

This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

FCPX Advanced Training Series Part 1. In this HD Voice Tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro 10, we learn how to create a muzzle flash inside of FCPX using only the built in tools (Effects / Generators). We use a shape generator and apply some cool crops and secondary color / colour corrections to create realistic simulated blowback as well as as ambient light reflections with masks as means to isolate and specify areas that will react to the gun muzzle flash. We also make great use of compound clips as a way of getting better results when using the effects on our custom elements. Whats great is that you don't have to send a clip to a third party compositing application like Adobe After Effects, you can do it all right in FCP TEN without leaving the program. And then when your done with the effect you can turn it into a compound clip so use it as a single piece of media in the timeline: Which is still editable and accessible without breaking apart the clip item!

Link to Tutorial