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Karsten Schluter

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FakeHDR does what it says, it mimics the fancy tone-mapping look - for sure, not real, a single frame can not create a high-dynamic-range picture.

So, for some content it works better, for other less… if you like this (over)saturated look anyhow.
btw: This effect is broadcast safe...-

I made it for my hasty son, so no tons of options, just a single slider; max is a bit overdone, so use respondsible.

Funny side-effect, see pic: hazy pics look a bit de-hazed… no idea, how I did that.

skin-tones get killed = orange… you should try to fix that with some color-correction
The screen-shots look more noisy than in moving-pictures… to my excuse, some are done with a 50€ action-cam….

Full details and download link