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C2 BlackMagic DeFlat and DSLR DeFlat


This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

Two free plugins to FCP X users. DLSR Deflat is a free plugin to reverse a flat shooting profile like the Technicolor Cinestyle profile. BMCC Deflat gives you a quick preview from Black Magic Cinema color to video during editing. 

After installing CoreMelt FREE or the latest version of CoreMelt Complete you can find the two new plugins in the effect browser under "C2 Pigment - Color Tools" in FCP X.

The default settings will give you decent results for previewing your footage shot in Cinema mode on the Black Magic Cinema Camera or using a "flat" curve on a DSLR like the popularTechnicolor CineStyle profile.  Watch the tutorial above for further details on the settings.




Both plugins are available in the CoreMelt FREE plugin pack.