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Blur Focus

Mikey Bouchereau

This item / tutorial is available from the Creators website using link below

I have created a new effect. I call it Blur Focus. For this effect, I spent some time to make sure it had plenty of functionality. So this effect has plenty of rigs and on screen controls to add functionality. Look at the controls at the bottom of the page.   

First off is Enable Tint. - This is a check box, it has a Tint Color option and an Opacity Slider to control the amount of tint. CENTER POSITION -  X & Y controls for the center position for the focus point. There are also on screen controls that allows you to just click and drag the center position. BLUR TYPE -  There are 5 type of blurs you can choose from the pop up. Gaussian Blur, Defocus Blur, Zoom Blur, Radial Blur and Soft Focus. BLUR AMOUNT -  A rigged Parameter to adjust the amount of any of the blurs FEATHER -  The feather amount of the mask. There is an on screen control that is similar to the built in Final Cut Pro X Color Correction Mask  feather parameter. You can use the feather slider on grab the outside ring and move it outwards to soften the transition between in focus to out of focus. SCALE X & Y -  This allows you to adjust the size of the mask, weather it needs to be a long oval either vertical or horizontal. ROTATION -  Use the rotation wheel so you can make your focus on an angle and not just horizontal or vertical. SATURATION, BRIGHTEN, DARKEN, GAMMA -  Add or remove Saturation to the blurred area, Brighten or Darken the blurred area, Adjust the Gamma of the blurred area MIX - The amount  of mix between the effect and your original clip (It looks really cool with the zoom and radial blurs)  

Full details and download link