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Arrow Generator for American Football

Karsten Schluter

This product is available for direct download using add to downloads

Generates a 3D arrow for overlaying on a football field

  • after installation, you find 1st_and_10 under Generators; apply it to your clip
  • now, a bunch of options to integrate it to your scenery:
  • the slider allows to size the whole graphic
  • the knob 'Perspective' rotates the graphic along its x-axis to emulate perspective
  • Rotation therfor rotates to make it fit to your point of view
  • to put the graphic in its place, use the Transform Tool as usual …
  • there's a drop down to select left/right
  • the Textbox adds the <cough> text; I've seen, the text varies ("3rd and goal") ...
  • you can change the arrows outline-color: freehand by color-wheel or by color-picker (picking your teams trikot color for example)
  • and finally, to 'comp' the graphic into the game: in the Inspector, tic the Video tab; scroll down to 'Compositing'; in the drop-down select 'Overlay'; finally, vary the 'Opacity' slider => it's not a 100% as in the TV, but close ....