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PlainWhite Title

Karsten Schluter

This product is available for direct download using add to downloads

Technically, this is NO title, but a Generator.
So, after unzipping the attached file, please put the resulting folder into
Movies/Motion Templates/GENERATORS When applying it to your project, it looks like that…
… plain white, quelle surprise

The Inspector unfolds a few parameters to play with, but - that ‚title‘ was for some school project - your options are restricted

SWEEP - adds some movement, the camera slowly drives-by the title; slider to 0 (preset) it is plain from the front/not moving, 100 is about 30° to -30° (speed depends how long you make the generator).

TILT - changes the ‚height‘ of the camera, again limited …

… and, now the nutty part:
Title/Background Color allows to change from plain white to <cough> any color ….

should mention: your version of FCPX should allow 3D text …

Enjoy that simple title, and feel free to customize it to your needs in Motion, don't be shy to reports your improvements here.


NEW! Version 2
Thanks to Ben, givin' me a push in the right direction, I built a new version from scratch, which - drum roll - comes aftert unzipping into titles, yeah!

I changed two things:
• axed the color option for background - if it's called PlainWhite, it should be plain white
• a second light situation, a bit more drama: