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Top 10 Free Glow and Particle Effects in FCP X

Posted by Iain Anderson on

All kinds of productions could do with a little sparkle, and these 9 effects and 1 title are a great way to add it. Most of these are heavily configurable, so you can easily move from a subtle soft glow to a crazed disco party with just a few clicks. If you don’t think you can use them on your current job, that’s just fine — keep them in mind for the next time you need a flash of energy in your edit. As ever, in no particular order, here we go:


Flare Lights by Idustrial Revolution 

1. Flare Lights by Idustrial Revolution

This effect adds horizontal streaks to all the brighter parts of your image, perfect if your client wants to emulate the good old J. J. Abrams anamorphic flare look. Loads of options too.


Chromatic Abberation Effect by Robert Jan

2. Chromatic Abberation Effect by Robert Jan

Any clips that are a bit too normal or sensible will be immediately thrown off-kilter by this effect, which splits up the red, green and blue channels, then wriggles them around and adds an optional blur. A colorful glowy effect.


Sparks by Connor Productions

3. Sparks by Connor Productions

This title assembles from the bottom of screen and is filled with generated sparks. For bonus points, break this one apart in Motion, publish a few more parameters, and see how it was made. Works best on black.


 Colour Rays by Idustrial Revolution

4. Colour Rays by Idustrial Revolution

Note the UK spelling on this one; it’s a controllable ray-of-light effect with lots of options, including, as you may expect, color control.


Sparks by Alex4D 

5. Sparks by Alex4D

The ever-reliable Alex4D gives you an awesome effect that lets you scatter all kinds of particles, in any color, with or without gravity, at any speed. You can even keyframe the position to let the sparks move around. Great stuff.


RT Glint by Ripple Training

6. RT Glint by Ripple Training

This very flexible effect lets you add a subtle sideways glow, somewhat like an anamorphic flare, but with a gentler feel. Definitely worth a deeper exploration.


Wedding Dream Glow by Mikey Bouchereau

7. Wedding Dream Glow by Mikey Bouchereau

This is the soft-focus edge treatment and stockings-over-the-lens effect that every wedding needs. Remember to drag on the numbers (not just the sliders) to take some of those numbers beyond their limits.



8. PIXELGLOW EZ by Red Giant

This crazy effect will turn every bright part of your image into a disco dazzle ball or flare. If I had a home shopping network selling diamond rings, I’d be all over this. A free part of Red Giant Universe.



9. DIFFUSE GLOW by Red Giant

A smooth overlay glow with plenty of settings, plus a limiting mask that’s controllable with two on-screen widgets. Another from Universe, so if you got the last one, you’ll have this one too.


Godrays by CoreMelt

10. Godrays by CoreMelt

Among the many freebies in CoreMelt Free is Godrays, this one is seriously classy and configurable. With Lo and Hi Threshold, you can tweak it to suit any source clip, and on-screen controls make it easy to play with.


Need help installing? Different plug-in makers package their work differently. If you have any problems installing any of these effects or titles, read our help page here.


Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia. and @funwithstuff on Twitter.

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