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Top 10 Free iOS Apps for filmmaking and post production

Posted by Iain Anderson on

Whether you’re on set and only have your phone, or you’re at your desk with your Mac and your iPad, there are many great iOS apps to help with filmmaking. Here are ten great ways to make a shoot run smoothly, to let you capture video in a new way, or help you out in the edit.


AJA Datacalc

1. AJA Datacalc by AJA 

If you’re not sure how much space you’re going to need for your next shoot, this app will help you to calculate it. Pick your resolution, frame rate, data rate, and you’ll have your answer.



2. Hyperlapse by Instagram 

Even though the built-in Camera app is very good at stabilization these days, if you’re moving around, a little extra help is welcome. If you don’t have a gimbal, grab Hyperlapse, and enjoy the super-smooth video it produces. By default, it speeds your video up, but you can return it to 1x speed if you just want some stability.


Pocket Light Meter

3. Pocket Light Meter by NuWaste Studios 

On a set without a “real” light meter, but not sure what the color temperature is? Use this handy app to assess the scene, giving you a readout in Kelvin and approximate exposure settings.



4. ProCutX by Pixel Film Studios 

This iPad app (and its Mac companion app) let you remote control FCP X from your iPad. You’ll have to jump through a few minor hoops to get going, but then you’ll have a screen full of custom buttons and a shuttle controller. Handy stuff.



5. VLC for iOS by VideoLAN Organization 

Just like on the Mac, sometimes you’ve got to play back that weird video file. Because you can load videos directly into VLC through wifi or your favorite cloud service, they don’t even need to go through iTunes. Great for reviewing shots when you’re on the go.


CSF iPhone Slate

6. CSF iPhone Slate by Cinema Set Free 

If you need to slate your productions, you can’t get much simpler than this. Still, you’ll definitely appreciate the simple swipe-based interface, as you won’t need to use an on-screen keyboard at all. Recommended.


Prompter Duo

7. Prompter Duo by By Page One Co. 

This great app turns your iPad into a teleprompter, and you can even control it remotely from a companion iPhone. It works in normal mode and mirrored mode, so you can use it with mirror-based prompter hardware. A great solution — I’ve used this myself on paying gigs. 

8. Celtx_Script 

Want to write scripts and screenplays in correct format on your iPhone or iPad?  This App makes it easy and can also sync with a desktop app.  CeltX also makes a lot of other useful App, some of which you can use with a free account and some not. Definitely worth a look.


Voice Record Pro

9. Voice Record Pro by Dayana Networks Ltd 

If you need to record someone quickly and get the file out, this is a terrific solution with a vintage-style interface. While it’s pretty, it’s still very functional, there are many options for recording and exporting.


iMotion by Fingerlab

10. iMotion by Fingerlab 

The built-in Camera app handles time-lapse recording these days, but there’s a distinct lack of controls on offer. If you want more control, this app lets you create time-lapse or manually triggered stop-motion movies with many options. You can export to your camera roll for free, or buy an in-app purchase for more features.


Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia.

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