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Top 10 Free Introductory Video Tutorials for FCP X

Posted by Iain Anderson on

If you start out editing in Final Cut Pro X, you may actually have an easier time than if you learned to edit with another application first. While the basics of editing — picking the parts you want and putting them in the right order — are fundamentally the same across all non-linear editing apps, FCP X does work in a different way, without tracks but with a whole lot more besides. Getting the basics right from the start is a fantastic strategy for all users of Final Cut, no matter how often you use it.

This article will take a look at ten of the best video tutorials to teach you the fundamentals of Final Cut Pro X — understanding the interface, importing footage, adding metadata and basic editing. All the tutorial makers here offer many, many courses, so find the trainer you like the most, and watch everything they’ve done.

We’ll be back with more articles for advanced editors soon, but this is a great place to start. Let’s get into it.


Introducing Final Cut Pro X

1. Introducing Final Cut Pro X by Vimeo Video School

Vimeo’s Video School covers all major NLEs, and it’s great to see such a prominent site offering a comprehensive course (the link is just the start) for free. A great place to start, and a great video sharing site too.


Izzy Video

2. Izzy Video #1 Welcome by Izzy Video

Izzy Video has had many tutorials for a while now, and it’s one of the best known free places to start. There’s plenty more content after that video, too.


Final Cut Pro X 100: Get Started Now

3. Final Cut Pro X 100 Get Started Now by macProVideo

Michael Wohl, the presenter here, was on the original Final Cut Pro team at Apple, and this free course presents a great overview of the app. (Disclosure: I’ve created some of macProVideo’s paid training courses for FCP X and other apps.)


Learning Final Cut Pro X

4. Learning Final Cut Pro X Lesson 1 by Rampant Design

Stefanie Mullen from Rampant offers a comprehensive introduction into the app. Note that in common with some other older tutorials, there are a few minor differences in how libraries manage media from 10.1 onward. It’s a good tutorial regardless.


Basics of Editing in FCP X

5. Basics of editing in FCPX by AV-Ultra

This shorter tutorial covers the basics of editing rather than everything, handy as a focused resource on how the magnetic timeline works. There are plenty more useful videos from the same source if you like the style.


Warp-speed key-wording

6. Warp-Speed Key-wording in Final Cut Pro X by Ripple Training

Ripple Training’s MacBreak Studio series has been running for many years, and they absolutely know their stuff. This video discusses the basic technique behind keywords in FCP X — one of its most important organizational tools — but don’t let that stop you exploring their other free videos (or paid training).


Basic Rating Workflow in Final Cut Pro X

7. Basic Rating Workflow in Final Cut Pro X by Ripple Training

Once you’ve got the basics of keywording down, you’ll want to know how to quickly review and rate your footage by rejecting or favoriting it: remember J/K/L, I/O/F.


Basic Audio fixes in FCP X

8. Basic Audio Fixes by Capturing Passion

If you’ve never dealt with audio before, here are a few techniques to help you clean up audio that’s (as usual) less than perfect. Capturing Passion also offers many other videos on a variety of topics.


erface Changes in Final Cut Pro X (10.1)

9. Interface Changes in Final Cut Pro X (10.1) by Larry Jordan

Though the long-respected Larry Jordan has recently hung up his teaching hat, he’s made many, many videos which are easy to follow and very detailed. This one offers a great introduction to the user interface. 


Final Cut Pro X (10.1) - Quick Start

10. Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Quick Start by Larry Jordan

Another video from Larry. Unlike the other videos here, this isn’t based on screen recording, but instead discusses the overall workflow which many FCP X jobs will follow, and is a great cheat sheet.


Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia.

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