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Top 10: Best of 2016

Posted by Iain Anderson on

It’s been a great year for Final Cut Pro: a new release heavy with professional features, and a bumper crop of great new titles, tutorials, effects, plug-ins and more from the outstanding and generous FCP X community. Of all the free tools we’ve highlighted throughout our first year, some stand out from the crowd. Now that the holidays are here and you’ve got more time to take a look, here’s a look back at of some of the best.


Departure Board

1. Departure Board tutorial by Tokyo Productions

This advanced tutorial from Simon Ubsdell will take you through all many techniques and leave you with a great effect at the end.


Chromatic Abberation Effect by Robert Jan 

2. Chromatic Abberation Effect by Robert Jan

Because shifting color channels never gets old, make sure to pick up this instant grunge creation machine.


Audio Hold Frames for Reverb tutorial 

3. MBS #343 - Audio Hold Frames for Reverb tutorial by Ripple Training

New software releases can make older tutorials less useful sometimes, but this one’s a keeper from the experts at Ripple Training. If you want your audio effects to extend past the original length of a piece of audio, you need to know this.


Voice Record Pro

4. Voice Record Pro (iOS app) by Dayana Networks Ltd

If you only pick up one free iOS app this year, you’re not picking up enough — but this one would be a great choice. Lots of controls and every export method you can think of. And you can trigger recording from your Apple Watch!


Final Cut Library Manager

5. Final Cut Library Manager (Mac app) by Arctic Whiteness

This Mac app is useful when free and even more useful if you purchase a license. A great way to manage your FCP X libraries without using FCP X itself, and a terrific management tool for libraries you’ve moved to external media too.


Dawg Pü 

6. Dawg Pü by Lintelfilm

This filter brings the analog grunge look with enough sliders to keep anyone happy. If you don’t have any post-war vintage lenses, now you can look like you do.


SplitScreenX Lite

7. SplitScreen X Lite by CrumplePop

Too many shots to use in an edit, or great content but low on resolution? Throw it all in a split screen! One of many, but a good one.


3D Text Wraps 

8. 3D Text Wraps by Idustrial Revolution

Put your own images on 3D text, and combine with Unicode characters for 3D symbols with your own custom textures. 


Volumetric Title

9. Volumetric Title by Karsten Schluter

This title was cool the first time round, but if you haven’t combined this title with some atmospheric music yet, you’re missing out. Even better if you want to tweak it with Motion.


Data Pop Free

10. Data Pop Free by Stupid Raisins

Got some boring data that would be improved by animation? A pie, ring or bar chart will surely bring the Christmas cheer, but if not, grab a copy for something more serious next year.


Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia. and @funwithstuff on Twitter.

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