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Top 10: Background Generators

Posted by Iain Anderson on

If you want to open with a title, but don’t want a blank background or video behind it, some kind of synthetic background is just what you need. There are plenty of great generators built in to FCP X, but if you want something a little less common, look no further. This collection includes a wide range of options, and you should find at least one that will suit your project perfectly.


Christmas gift from Charlie Austin

1. Christmas Crap! — A Gift by Charlie Austin

What better time of year to nab this collection of generators? While it’s true that most of these are utility generators for trailers and behind-the-scenes title cards, there’s a lovely looking clouds in here too.


Gel by Mikey Bouchereau

2. Gel by Mikey Bouchereau

If you’ve got kids, you’ll be following the latest craze and making slime after Christmas. If you feel the need to document the process in a video, here’s the perfect generator for you.


Pixel Grid by Mikey Bouchereau

3. Pixel Grid by Mikey Bouchereau

Another one from Mikey, pixel grids will never go out of style. Use it behind text, or inside a techy font with blend modes. A definite 8-bit vibe here.



Shape Grid by Alex4D

4. Shape Grid by Alex4D

If Mikey’s pixel grid isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Alex4D has another take, a little less retro. Loads of options mean that you can definitely create what you’re looking for with a little effort.


Legacy Generators by Ripple Training

5. Legacy Generators by Ripple Training

Nostalgic for the classic FCP classic generators? Well, they’re still in Motion, and Ripple Training have made them available to all editors here. A good grab-bag of options.


Video Backgrounds by Izzy Video

6. Video Backgrounds by Izzy Video

A handy pack of five fun video backgrounds based on replicators and particles (3D cogs, arcs, and more) generously given away by popular trainer Izzy Hyman.


Arcs Custom by Fox Mahoney

7. Arcs Custom by Fox Mahoney

An improvement on a built-in generator, be sure to watch the video through to the end, then grab the download from the comments.


Snowflakes 2 by Fox Mahoney 

8. Snowflakes 2 by Fox Mahoney

Another season-appropriate movie, this time you can fill the screen with 20 different kinds of snowflakes. Again, then look for the link in the comments.


Circle Tunnel by Alex4D 

9. Circle Tunnel by Alex4D

There’s a lot you can do with concentric circles. Still, if you’ve never tried before, here’s a great free tool to experiment with. Randomise is your friend if you’re not sure what you want, and remember to push up the scale in Transform if it’s not big enough.


Color Gradients by Mikey Bouchereau

10. Color Gradients by Mikey Bouchereau

Mikey gets one final entry on this list with a very handy way to fill your screen with a simple 2 or 3 color gradient. Nice!



Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia. and @funwithstuff on Twitter.

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