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Best Of: Final Cut Library Manager

Posted by Iain Anderson on

When you’ve finished with a job, you should archive its library so that you can revisit the job in the future, if you or the client need to revise anything. And if you offload old libraries to external hard drives (at least two drives for safety, right?) then you can keep your primary working space clear. But how do you keep track of which jobs are where? That’s one job (of many) that Final Cut Library Manager (FCLM) can help with.

Lots of past jobs in the FCLM interface

This free program from Arctic Whiteness keeps a record of all FCP X libraries on all the drives you’ve ever connected to your Mac while it was running. To get your catalog built, fire up the app, then connect all your drives, one after the other, letting each one process. Even after the drives are disconnected, it remembers which libraries are on which disks, so you know where to find a specific older job by simply searching for the name of the library — like this:

Searching for "Chromatic"

But that’s not all it can do. FCLM also let you know how much space each job is taking, and how much of it can be safely deleted (optimized and proxy media, optical flow data, renders, and so on). Using FCP X’s cleanup features, this can help you to recover many gigabytes of otherwise lost space. Also, if you like to start your jobs with a template, you can also use FCLM to create your libraries for you, setting up smart collections, events or whatever you choose.

Many more features can be unlocked for a price. You can automatically clean unnecessary files, including some that FCP X won’t remove for you. You can add searchable comments, search on keywords and events, make unlimited numbers of templates, and get direct access to exported files.

Both in free and paid forms, Final Cut Library Manager is a great utility program to keep handy. You can get all kinds of valuable information for free, or pay to be able to act on that info more directly (and support the developer). Grab it now.


Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia. and @funwithstuff on Twitter.

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