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Best of: FCP X 10.3 Tutorials, demos and workflow tips

Posted by Iain Anderson on

You might have heard: FCP X 10.3 was released alongside the new MacBook Pro at the end of October, just before the FCP X Creative Summit. If you were in the middle of a job, you might not have upgraded yet, but we’ve since had the 10.3.2 point update, and it’s all looking pretty good. Here, you’ll find a collection of free tutorials, including product demos, and workflow tips, but with the focus clearly on 10.3.

(Incidentally, I’ve written about FCP X 10.3 and the Creative Summit with my macProVideo hat on, but you’re here for video, aren’t you?)


The official word from Apple 

1. The official word from Apple

In a rare but welcome move, Apple’s Luke Tristan and Steve Bayes presented FCP X 10.3 to the LACPUG, and the videos have been made available to the public via FCPWORKS. This is a great move from the normally quite private Apple, and something we’ll hopefully see more of. On the linked page, you’ll first find a roundup of all the new features, and then a second video of tips and tricks.


Sam, Gergana and Patrick from Lumaforge 

2. High-end workflow tips from Lumaforge

There’s no problem using FCP X at the high end of production, so long as you do it right, and Lumaforge know how to do it right. If you’re contemplating a big production, watch this, then talk to them first. Thanks again to FCPWORKS.


New Features in FCP X 10.3 from

3. New Features in FCP X 10.3 from macProVideo

In this entirely free series of videos, experienced Apple Certified Trainer Ben Balser shows all the new features of FCP X 10.3. If you’re an experienced FCP X user, this is what you need to get you up to speed with the new UI and new features.

(Disclosure: I create paid video training courses and free written articles for



4. FCP X 10.3 Tutorial Series from LPTGuy

This free training course takes you through the most important elements in the program. Note that the first couple of videos were actually recorded with 10.2, but most of the course does use the new UI. 


Ripple Training

5. Final Cut Pro 10.3 New Features from Ripple Training

Steve and Mark from Ripple Training give away a free series of 8 videos here, with a great summary of all the key new features. They also sell a huge selection of paid training if you want to take it further, or are starting from scratch.


This Guy Edits

6. What I love about the new Final Cut Pro X from This Guy Edits

Not really a tutorial, but a quick summary of the best features of FCP X 10.3 from the editor who's been editing a feature film in public on YouTube. Worth a look and a share.


Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia. and @funwithstuff on Twitter.

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