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Top 10 Glitch Effects — analog and digital distortion effects and transitions

Posted by Iain Anderson on

While our cameras make pretty shots, that doesn't mean we have to use them in our edits. To recall a time gone past, it's often necessary to add a layer of nostalgia, to break up the footage, to make it much less perfect. Here are ten ways to grunge up your shots and your edits.

 Bad TV by Alex4D

1. Bad TV by Alex4D

This effect (Bad TV a4d) extends the options on the built-in Bad TV effect to give you more control. Add scan lines, destroy the tracking, and make it look like a VHS nightmare.


Dawg Pü

2. Dawg Pü by Lintelfilm

Much more in the analog realm, Dawg Pü roughs up your footage in subtle and not-so-subtle ways by making it look like it was shot with old, blurry lenses. Chromatic abberation, barrel and pincushion distortion, and more.


Switch Channel transition by Alex4D

3. Switch Channel by Alex4D

A transition this time, to simulate what used to happen when changing channels on an old analog CRT.


Glitch Flash by Idustrial Revolution

4. Glitch Flash by Idustrial Revolution

This transition stretches your shot out horizontally or vertically, then adds a quick glow flash as it snaps to your new shot.


Aged Film by Alex4D

5. Aged Film by Alex4D

If you're looking for jumpy, jittery film with scratches, this one (again) adds extra controls over the built-in FCP X effect.


Projector Malfunction transition by CoreMelt

6. Projector Malfunction by CoreMelt

Part of the CoreMelt Free package, this transition simulates a film that's stuck and burns through to the new clip. Loads of customization options too.


 Analog Glitch by CoreMelt

7. Analog Glitch by CoreMelt

A different style of "bad" TV, with horizontal distortion aplenty: warping, scanlines, H and V-sync issues.


 Old TV by CoreMelt

8. C2 Old TV by CoreMelt

Can be used with or without Analog Glitch to create a curved screen mask, with distortion and scanlines.


Flashback transition by Alex4D

9. Flashback by Alex4D

While this isn't exactly a "glitch", there's no transition that says "stepping back in time" more clearly than these wavy lines that warp in and out. (Also useful for a homage to Blakes 7's teleporter effect.)


Vintage Plus by Fordee TV

10. Vintage Plus by Fordee TV

You can really mess up the color, ruin the sharpness and add a heap of noise with this effect. So why not?

Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia.

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