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Top 10 Cool Titles: Some of the best free titles for Final Cut Pro X

Posted by Iain Anderson on

Top 10 Cool Titles

Final Cut Pro X has the best titling workflow of any NLE today — there are many amazing 2D and 3D options out there. Also, the fact that a title template can manipulate the video it's placed upon gives extra flexibility to title creators, as they can change the color, position and more of video without even having to use drop zones. Let's check out just a few of the FCP X titles you can pick up for free today:

3D Text Wraps
1. 3D Text Wraps by Idustrial Design

Using drop zones, you can extend the built-in 3D titles to include your own custom images as textures, then position them as you need to.


Clean Lower Third
2. Clean Lower Third by Leno Porto

Two lines of text, a box that draws on, masked text movement, and a simple design. Winner.


3. Glare, by Conner Productions

Very simple but effective, this one shows text that appears in outline, then with a slanted moving mask. Needs to be used on black.


4. Lights by Connor Productions

This one fills the text with sparkling lights, then moves the text slowly around the screen until it settles and fills in. Best on black.


Colour Split
5. Text Colour Split by Idustrial Revolution

A full-screen, full-vibrancy title that's suited to all caps across two lines.


Fast Titles
6. Templates Fast Titles by Leno Porto

Quick animations, smooth gradients and some nice touches sell this collection of simple, full-screen titles.


7. Bricks by Karsten Schluter

You like Lego? Me too. Now your titles can look like Lego.


Converted from inaccessible built-in titles
8. 24 Free Final Cut Pro X Title Templates by Stupid Raisins

A big collection of the built-in Motion templates that weren't provided as Final Cut Pro titles, conveniently converted and provided for use. Many of these are useful as splash screens.

iOS 7 Style
9. iOS 7 Style by Fabbrica

If you need to stay on-brand with iOS, this title blurs out the video behind and presents a white box with whatever text you want inside.


10. Frosty by Karsten Schluter

While this title doesn't work on high-contrast backgrounds, it's an elegant effect nonetheless.

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