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Best Of: Create animated charts and graphs with Infographic Titles from Stupid Raisins

Posted by Iain Anderson on

While the "default workflow" of large chunks of the industry seems to be to send every title and graphic out to After Effects, there's a better way. Motion can do most of what After Effects is generally used for, and in many cases in a far more flexible way. Because Motion and FCP X are tightly integrated, you can use the power of Motion even if you don't have it — right on the timeline in Final Cut Pro X.
One great example of how powerful the FCP X title engine can be is found in the Data Pop Free Infographic Titles from Stupid Raisins.

You can follow the instructions on the linked download page, but as it’s distributed through FxFactory, you’ll need to search for it and download it through the FxFactory app.

Data Pop Free infographic titles

When you’ve downloaded and installed the titles, open up the Title browser and look for the Stupid Raisins Data Pop Free category. Four types of charts are included: Bar, Number, Pie and Ring.
Drag your title to your timeline, either above existing video or on the primary storyline — I’m using “Pie”. Option-click it to select it and move the playhead to that point, then look in the Inspector. Make sure you’ve got the Title parameter selected at the top, then tweak the parameters as you wish. Pay special attention to the Amount slider under the PIE section, as that’s how big the actual pie and the number will be.

Data Pop Free's Pie chart with custom parameters

Change the fonts, colors, animation times and appearance, and also the background options if you’d like to show video behind the title. There’s also a message reminding you of a more extensive paid version of these titles, though you can turn it off using the very first checkbox in the Inspector.

On-screen controls make it easy to move around all the elements, so you can compose the chart as you like by dragging them around. Lastly, if you need another chart that looks similar, don’t start from scratch; Option-drag the existing title to make a copy, then edit the new copy and simply change the text and numbers as needed.

This is a great collection of titles that can really help to finish off a corporate or sales video — and with no need to leave FCP X. One last note: if you need more flexibility, either grab the full paid set, or create your own versions with a simple right-click and Open in Motion. Enjoy!

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