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Best Of: Analog Glitch and Old TV from CoreMelt

Posted by Iain Anderson on

CoreMelt Free!Today’s cameras are so nice that from time to time, we need to make their output look a lot worse. Two free plug-ins from CoreMelt Free are perfect for this, and you can use them alone or in combination for great effect.

To get started, grab CoreMelt Free! directly from this page, or use Add To Downloads if you prefer. Follow the links, grab the installer, run it, and relaunch FCP X. While there are several effects included in the package, we’ll just look at two this time, and others in future articles.

Drag the effect onto a clip

Find a clip on a timeline, then look in Effects, in the C2 Shatter category, and drag Analog Glitch to your clip. Take a look in the Inspector and tweak the (many) parameters to your liking. The V-sync parameters in particular really help to sell the old-school issues you may remember from the days of VHS and CRTs, and you can keyframe the V-sync if you want to.

Analog Glitch applied

If that’s not enough, then you can add a second effect. In C2 Gadget, you’ll find Old TV. Drag that to your clip as well, and you’ll gain extra screen curvature, edge blur and noise effects. You can keep the original Analog Glitch effects as well if you wish, or tone those down and use these instead. I prefer to leave it as grungy as possible, so I’ve left them all up here.

Analog Glitch and Bad TV applied

These free effects from CoreMelt Free! are a taster of the much larger (paid) V2 Plug-in Set, but CoreMelt Free! is a great starting point. There are also many more effects included within it, and we’ll come back to some of them another time. Enjoy!

Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia.

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