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Best Of: Removing GoPro Lens Distortion with Lens Undistort

Posted by Iain Anderson on

GoPro and other action cameras allow you to record in a variety of different angles, but the widest of these can suffer from fish-eye distortion, especially with straight lines near the edge of frame. Here, we’ll be looking at a free effect which can correct for this super-wide look with minimal effort.

The paid product Lock and Load, from CoreMelt, actually includes a totally free Lens Undistort effect. The effect continues to work even after the trial expires, and does the same job as paid effects from other third parties. If you have a GoPro or other fish-eye camera, you’ll want to grab a copy.

To learn more and download the product click here (As an aside, Lock and Load is a great stabilizer that works quickly, but you can read more about it here.) Follow the installation through, and you’ll find a new C2 Lock & Load category in Effects.

Throw a GoPro clip onto a timeline, then drag the Lens Undistort effect to the clip. Option-click the clip to select it and put the playhead above it, then check the Inspector to change the degree of distortion. There’s a GoPro FOV menu set to “Wide”, but if you’ve used another kind of camera, set that menu to “Other” and you can use the slider below to dial in your own correction. That’s it.

It’s worth noting that objects really close to the camera can still look a bit odd, but that’s the nature of the (wide angle) beast. I’d love to know how well this works with other wide angle lenses, so if you’ve go some, give this effect a shot and let us know.

Iain Anderson is an Apple Certified Trainer, videographer, editor, animator, writer, designer and occasional coder based in Brisbane, Australia.

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