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Posted by Roger Bolton on

There's over 600 free resources listed so we've tried to make it as quick as possible to find what you need on  You can browse by Type (eg Effect, Generator, Title), or by Function (eg Color Correction, Blur, Keying) or by Creator (eg Alex4D, FordeeTV).  Use the top menu drop downs to browse by one of these.

Tutorials get their own dropdown where you can browse by the creator of the tutorials, but they can also be found browsing by function, eg color correction will find tutorials about color correction.

We've also added additional tags to items to make it easier, eg once you click one of the Type, Function or Creator options you will see a list of tags on left of screen to narrow down further what you are looking for.

Of course the search tool at top of page will also help if you know the name or a tag of the item you are looking for.  If you think we can improve anything please let us know via the contact form


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  • Perhaps you’ve only tested your site in one browser but the font you’ve used coupled with the colour of it make 99% of the text totally unreadable.. Firefox is slightly better but using Chrome it’s like reading text with 90% opacity. This may be gibberish as I can’t actually see what I’m typing, the form fields are terrible too, van’t see the names.

    Andy on

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