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How to install free FCP X plugins, templates, transitions and plugins

Posted by Roger Bolton on

All items on this website will fall into one of three categories.  Depending on which one, the install procedure is a bit different.

A)  A zip file containing a motion template.  

Unzip these into your user directory in Movies/Motion Templates directory. Eg "Mac HD > username > Movies > Motion Templates".    Depending on the type of template you need to put it in the Effects or Generators etc folder.  It should make this clear on the info page for the template.  Then quit and restart FCP X and it will appear in the Effects, Generators, Titles or Transitions browser.

See these resources for more information about adding and managing motion templates:

• A Guide to Installing Templates/Plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X by Fox Mahoney

B) A downloadable DMG file containing an installer.

First quit FCP X. Then after downloading the DMG file please double click on the DMG file, then double click on the installer icon.  Follow the onscreen instructions and the new template or plugin will be installed.

C) Special installer that manages many templates.  

Some companies like MotionVFX, FxFactory and Red Giant have their own installer which downloads, installs and manages effects for you.  Please check the webpages from these companies for more info:

• MotionVFX mInstaller :
• FxFactory Application:
• Red Giant Universe:

If you get stuck please contact the creator of the free plugin or template for assistance through their website.

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