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Posted by Roger Bolton on

Final Cut Pro X has an amazing community, and with the power of Apple's Motion Template system its not just developers who can create and share powerful tools.  There are a huge amount of free templates for all kinds of tasks created by individuals and by larger plugin development companies as promotional tools.  But there wasn't really any good way to see and browse them all in one spot.  So thats why we decided to create  We hope that this directory will help to grow the entire FCP X community, by giving one place you can come to find any free tool you are looking for.  Although we started with templates, we've also now got tutorials, LUTS and apps listed and we'll be adding new sections in future with other resources.

We'll also be updating this blog with new templates and tutorials as they become available and also with small briefs highlighting the best free resources that have been available for a while.  If we've left anything out, please get in touch and let us know.

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Roger, Founder - CoreMelt Pty Ltd / Publisher

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  • Thanks Being With US

    ajay on
  • Love the Site..Good Job on this..Thanks..Visual Jedi, LLC

    Sean Taylor on
  • Congratulations Roger! The site looks beautiful and I am sure it will be a great success. This is a great and valuable resource. Thank you for all your hard work and have an amazing day! :)

    Deyson Ortiz on

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