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Top 10 Free Mac Apps for FCP X Editors

Posted by Iain Anderson on

Top 10 Free Apps for FCP X Editors

Final Cut Pro X allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to plug-ins, but sometimes you need to perform a task outside the app. When that time comes, there’s a wide range of support apps available, letting you test disk speeds, manipulate Final Cut’s Libraries, or tweet from the FCP X timeline and more — all for free. Let’s take a look at the best of them.



1. VideoTweet by Arctic Whiteness 

If you've created a video and need to get it on Twitter as quickly as possible, then this is the app for you! It trims and compresses your file for free, but if you pay €3 you can remove a hashtag and link from your posted tweets.


 Card Response Annoyance Prompt, eh — interesting acronym

2. Card Response Annoyance Prompt by CoreMelt 

When you insert an SD card into your Mac, the Photos app will pop up — annoying if you’ve just shot video and want FCP X to deal with it. Yes, you can disable this pop-up on a per-card basis, but for a more permanent solution, download this app.


 Final Cut Library Manager in action

3. Final Cut Library Manager by Arctic Whiteness 

This great app lets you examine, search and manage your Final Cut Pro libraries, even if they aren’t online, and even if those drives aren’t connected. There are many extra features if you pay for a (cheap) license, but even at free it’s worth checking out.


Handbrake — silly icon, great app

4. HandBrake by The HandBrake Team 

A streamlined way to convert many kinds of video to H.264, this is a terrific, free, open source app for transcoding. With many presets for iOS and other devices, it’s great for control when producing for mobile devices, and for converting DVD or BR media for further editing.


VLC — yep, silly icon, great app

5. VLC by VideoLAN Organization 

Another well-known open source project, VLC is your go-to way to play back weird video files. Keep it around to be able to view (and maybe screen capture or transcode) those unusual files that you come across from time to time.


Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

6. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test by Blackmagic Design 

This simple app lets you see how fast your drives really are, so you can tell if they’ll be up to the task of that 4K multicam job you’re planning. (The numbers on the dials are the important part; don’t pay too much attention to the ticks in the table below unless you want to work with Uncompressed video.)


Preference Manager

7. Preference Manager by Digital Rebellion 

There’s no need to lose your preferences if you need to delete them due to some problem. This app lets you back up your prefs (in all NLEs) while they’re good, and trash them if they go bad.


Post Haste

8. Post Haste by Digital Rebellion 

Many creatives like to manage their files in a predictable way, creating specific subfolders for different kinds of jobs. For many FCP X users this isn’t as necessary as most files are contained within Libraries, but for support files and for more complex projects, this is a great way to go.


Grand Perspective

9. Grand Perspective by Erwin Bonsma

Where’s your hard drive space gone? This tool lets you know, graphically showing you where that huge new video file is, or how much space all those songs are taking up.


FCP X Image Exporter 

10 FCP X Image Exporter by Adam Teale

To export a series of still images from an FCP X timeline, you don’t need to export one at a time. Drop a marker at each frame you like, export the XML, then drop that XML on this app. It only exports original media without effects, but it’s still a great timesaver.

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