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Top 10 Free Transitions — move between clips with style

Posted by Iain Anderson on

Top 10 Free Transitions

Transitions can be a dismal distraction, or just what you need — it all depends on context. A traditional short film might need just a couple of simple fades, but a corporate, sports or kids package is often stuffed full of fancy transitions. If you remember that they’re like fonts, in that you shouldn’t use too many at once, they can be a great way to add life to your edits. Final Cut Pro X has loads of great transitions already, but here are ten more to extend your collection.


 Bounce Strips

1. Bounce Strips by Idustrial Revolution

This transitions physically drops in the new clip in several bouncing strips, with an optional drop shadow.


Finger Swipes

2. Finger Swipes by Robert Jan

Use a male or female finger (or a child’s hand) to grab the current screen and swipe it away to reveal the new one. Perfect for a demo of a touch-based interface


Film Dissolve Burn

3. Film Dissolve Burn by Final Cut Pro Argentina

This film burn is meant to be quite quick in duration, and gives a rapid, blown-out transition between your shots. Also a great way to fade out to black.


Sound only

4. Sound only by Alex4D

This utility transition doesn’t affect the video at all — it just fades the audio. While you can always expand audio and use each clip’s fade handles, this can be an easier alternative.


10 free write on transitions

5. CoreMelt 10 Write On Transitions by CoreMelt

There are actually 10 transitions in this pack alone, but grab it and look in the C2 Free Templates category to access 10 ways to spray-paint the next clip into existence. Handy stuff.


Film Burns

6. Film Burns by Connor Productions

These film burns can be used over a long or short period of time, and look great. There are effects in the pack as well, and it’s a big download as it includes real media, but the results are worth it.


Tile Pop

7. Flipping Tile by Stupid Raisins

This flexible transition reveals the new clip by flipping the old clip away in mosaic tiles. The settings let you control everything about the mosaic grid, so tweak away.


Seed Glitch

8. Seed Glitch by Seed Digital Media

This transition combines several “bad TV” elements into one simple “channel changing with a glitch” transition that’s a bit crazier than Alex4D’s alternative Switch Channel transition.


Swish Dissolve

9. Swish Transitions by Andy Mees

The Swish Dissolve and Swish Pan, both in this free FxFactory download, provide many ways in which you can stretch and blur the old clip into the new one. Perfect if you can time it with a real in-camera swish pan, but works well without too.


Pull Focus

10. Pull Focus by Alex4D

While the built-in Blur transition provides a simple way to blur one clip out and blur the next in, Pull Focus takes it further, adding controllable scaling and a more camera-like blur effect.

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