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Top 10 Animated Elements — add some movement to your clips

Posted by Iain Anderson on

Even if you stay inside Final Cut Pro X for your edit, you can still incorporate animated elements without having to send anything to Motion or After Effects. You can easily add still or moving content — your own, or generated graphical elements — to any sequence, and see it play in real time. Here are ten great ways to enhance your edit by adding an animated element to your FCP X timeline. A couple of these might need a keyframe or two, but that’s not hard to manage.


Count Down Free Generator

1. Count Down Free Generator by Fabbrica

Fly past big shiny gold numbers in Futura, then move in to your logo. The perfect start.


XEffects 3D Sale Price

2. XEffects 3D Sale Price by Idustrial Revolution

This title creates a 3D oval sign with a metal edge, places a word (e.g. Sale) on one side and a price (or message, or discount) on the other, then smoothly rotates between the two. Simple options let you choose six ways for the sign to move as it spins, and you can change the sign itself by double-clicking — it’s a 3D text element ready to mess with.


Arrows Plus Lite

3. Arrows Plus Lite by Fordee TV

Three different animated arrow shapes, with customizable color, scale and rotation mean you can easily add some forward movement to your motion graphics sequences.


3D Environment

4. 3D Environment by Fabbrica

This generator starts out impressive enough, with a drop zone and text above a reflective surface, but you can change the lighting, text and position of the drop zone to really make each instance unique.


Reflective Flooring

5. Reflective Flooring by MotionMasterTemplates

With 11 drop zones, this is a great way to show multiple clips at once. Just be sure to actually enable Floor Reflection in the Inspector if you actually want to see it.


Progress Slider

6. Progress Slider by Idustrial Revolution

This simple title allows you to place an automatically animated progress bar above any video. Controls allow you to change the color, scale and other display options, and you can use the Transform controls for anything else.



7. SCRBBL by Karsten Schluter

Technically this isn’t animated by default, but it’s very, very cool, and all you need to do is keyframe a property or two. If you’d like to place a line of text on Scrabble-style tiles, then zoom in slowly, then this is the generator for you. Tips: to keyframe, find a parameter you want to  animated, then move to a time, click the grey plus in a diamond to lock in the first value. Move to a different time, then change the value to create a second keyframe and animate between the two. Also, when you click and drag on a number to change it, you can hold Option for finer control. (This is also one of those titles which makes you want to tweak it in Motion — but it’s a complex one!)


Social Package

8. Social Package by MotionMasterTemplates

Two dropzones (one for your icon, one for your movie) and four different styles with a built-in animation at the start makes this an absolute winner next time you need to illustrate social media in your videos.



9. Throw-In by Karsten Schluter

This generator throws a photo into shot from off-screen, and it’s fantastic. You can stack multiple copies of this if you turn off the background (marked “solid”) on top copies in the Inspector.



10. Ticker+ by Alex4D

Whether you want a ticker for use in a fake news parody video or a real ticker for non-ironic uses, this title has more options than the built-in equivalent and it’s still easy to use.

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